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NFT art, 3D art, crypto art, imaginary art

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NFT art, 3D art, crypto art, imaginary art

Hats - The Invisible
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5578 unique NFTs that live on Polygon network.

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Limited collection of 5578 unique NFT tokens live on the Polygon network. The Invisible is an 3D NFT art designed or drawn through 3D models and randomly generated with over 200 different attributes, it is stored as an ERC-721 token standard contract and hosted on IPFS. Buying and owning 'The Invisible' gives you full commercial rights.


The Invisible NFTs that is dashing, muscular, colorful and may looks yummy.😋
Surely many from us want to be invisible but that is a dream that will never come true from then until now... 

So ‘The Invisible’ will give a little light for us to dream and imagine having invisible powers and being a good super hero.🦸🏼‍♂️


By @VOPeace_NFTs


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