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What is an NFT? 


NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’ is unique digital token asset on a blockchain network. NFT is a digital asset that you can buy, sell (trade) and own. Like pieces of art, an NFT can be sold for money or cryptocurrency.


Each NFT must be tied to any unique digital asset and cannot be separated if it has been recorded on a blockchain network. Examples of NFT include, but are not limited to drawings, digital arts, music, animated GIFs, videos, as a card or online game function, concert tickets and more.


What can you do with our NFT for now? 


Buy or owning our nft, you have full commercial rights. You can keep (own) your NFT and wait for a high bid or resell at a higher price to make a profit.


"One of the obvious benefits of buying NFT is it lets you financially support NFT artists you like".


Our an NFT collections is :

* "Views Of Peace" that are live on the GateChain, you can buy it on Gate NFT marketplace.

* "The Invisible" that living on the Polygon blockchain, available on Rarible marketplace.